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Location and Dates

Forest Houses Resort – 9275 AZ – 89A, Sedona, AZ.

Dates for 2024 (More dates coming!)

  • Monday, April 1st  - Thursday, 4th - 1  spot eft

  • Wednesday, May 8th - Saturday, 11th - 1 spot left 

  • Monday, November 11th - Thursday 16th



These retreats are special, transformative, and extremely intimate. We all stay in the same house, sharing space 80-90% of the time. There is no internet, no TV, no radio, and no cell service. We are there to support and hold space for each other in a loving, kind, and compassionate way without any distractions.

You will have time to explore your inner thoughts, tap into your best self, receive your own personalized mantra, and gain clarity in any areas of your life you want to explore. I can say with confidence you will receive exactly what you need. 


These are more than just retreats

It’s an opportunity to gain the clarity you’ve been seeking. It’s an opportunity to commune with other like-minded souls, and connect to your deepest self in a way that you just can’t achieve on your own. It will stir your soul and change you on an energetic level. In four powerful days you will step out of chaos and uncertainty, and immerse yourself in a journey toward self discovery.

These retreats are for you if you are:

  • Ready to emerge from the storm to awaken a new YOU!

  • On a journey of self-discovery;

  • Wanting to deepen your meditation practice;

  • Desiring more passion in your life;

  • Excited to take your life to the next level;

  • Interested in learning and growing with the personalized support of Karen Tatiana;

  • Seeking peace and connection with like-minded souls;

  • Ready to re-create yourself!

Sycamore House King.jpg

Includes continental breakfast, coffee, teas, and snacks.

  • $1,000 – Rooms with no view – single occupancy 

  • $1,000 – King size – double occupancy (2 people in the same room sharing the bed)

  • $1,200– Rooms with a view – single occupancy 

Registration Cost 
Payment Plans Available

Testimonials from Attendees



I’ve attended two meditation retreats hosted by Karen from Open Lotus. Both times were in Sedona. It is a magical and healing place. And Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her energy is so warm and I really love the space she creates to allow us to feel vulnerable. Her passion to help us heal really comes through. I look forward to my next retreat in October.



I had the opportunity to attend an Open Lotus Meditation retreat in May. Karen gave us wonderful experiences and tools that will help me achieve increased focus, reduce my stress, & connect better with loved ones and friends!



Karen is an incredible and inspiring person and meditation guide. My husband and I attended her retreat last month in Sedona, and it was truly life-changing. It helped both of us individually and as a couple, and we both have been continuing our daily meditation practices, in addition to working on other life/self-care goals created at the retreat. The rituals were powerful and I also appreciated the education component of the retreat. I also never truly understood (or believed in) the power of crystal healing until this retreat; now, I wear and use my crystals daily! Would highly recommend! We plan to do another retreat in the future. Thanks, Karen!! Namaste 

To register or to learn more contact Karen Tatiana


Call: 267-303-0577

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