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"I'm pretty sure the universe brought me Karen! I found Open Lotus right when I really needed to deepen my meditation practice. I felt like I was not connecting with my current meditations as much as I should have been. Karen opened me up to a whole new world. She is so knowledgeable and really listens to where you are at and what you need. She adapts the meditations for each person individually and really is the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm in real estate, so my brain is constantly swirling with deadlines, phone calls, emails, etc. and Karen is able to quiet my brain. No matter what my day was like before meeting with her, I always feel peaceful and happy after our session. She truly is a healer and I'm so grateful I found her!" 


“Meditation and Karen’s guidance helped me heal through my divorce and to find my true self again. I was skeptical, but Karen is great at taking the research and scientific proof and making it real and accessible. I’m so grateful for all her help and the peace she has helped me find through the power of meditation. Now, I feel like I know myself better than ever, like I am more present each day and more tuned into myself, my priorities and deepest desires. Karen is amazing and made it so easy for me to add this life-changing practice into my daily life!” 


Tippett Family

“Meditating with Karen has been very beneficial.  It is something my wife and I have both enjoyed. I am finding more energy, sleeping better and I feel more capacity to handle my hectic schedule.  It has given my wife and I time together that has nurtured our relationship” 



“I had no idea meditation could be this easy! After my first session with Karen I knew I could add meditation to my daily life. She taught me easy techniques and tools I can use even while I am at work! Great experience and service!” 

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