Yoga at Home


Join me for a free 30-minute consultation in person or online. We will discuss your goals and what's missing from your life currently. I'll give you an overview of meditation and how it can help you in your journey to transformation. You'll also learn the 5 valuable things you need for a successful meditation practice and of course, I will guide you through a meditation.


Commit to transformation by signing up for personalized sessions where we will take a deep dive into meditation and the science behind it. We will cover finding stillness, how to reduce stress, and explore tools that will help you meet your goals and discover what your heart truly desires. We will develop your personal meditation routine and discover the styles of meditation that resonate with you most. Each session includes helpful tools and guided meditations designed with you in mind.


Packages Include:

Two 75-minute sessions per month (sound healing included);

Unlimited access to Karen's meditation library;

1:1 access via text - Tuesday -to Friday. 


A meditation journal and balancing crystals are included in all packages. 

Three-Month Package - $499 per month (charged automatically per month). 

Six-Month Package - $349 per month (charged automatically per month).  


Group meditation is a powerful way to share the experience and benefits of meditation in an intimate group setting or among a collective of like-minded individuals. 

I am available to provide guided meditation classes for up to 7 people.

$249 - 90-Minute Session